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Matte is on everyone's lips this season. Read more to find out how the Burberry lippys stack up! 

The Story

Okay sooo first of all, I am sorry for the hiatus. I updated a bit on my Insta so that you guys knew what was going on! I got a new job at the amazing head office of LUSH Cosmetics! I also moved into a new apartment closer to my new job. Basically, some pretty big life changes. I needed a bit of time to adjust. I am partially settled now, and working hard. Hope you guys are all well, I missed my writing outlet!

Back to business, these lippies are described as being richly pigmented, soft mattes. They will run you a pretty penny (or dime..since penny's aren't a thing anymore), going for $38 retail price. Check out my swatches and my thoughts below to see if I think it's worth your hard earned cash! 

The Swatches

The Verdict

So first let's talk packaging. I adore the fact that they used a mould to give the bullet of the lipstick the impression of the burberry tartan, makes it look extra luxe. I enjoy the weight of the packaging, but my biggest issue is....the magnetic closure. It is not very strong and feels almost like it could come apart in your bag! I haven't had that happen, but it is something that I worry about (Maybe I am just paranoid). 

Product quality verdict, amazeballs. I feel like that is a pretty official verdict right? It truly is full colour payoff in one application, and feels sooo comfortable on the lips. I think that Burberry and Urban Decay are my front runners on matte lipsticks for this season, Dior is a close third. They don't have an amazing colour variety, I mean I have my eye on Oxblood but the colours are pretty neutral. I would say if you are looking for crazy fun colours, check out UD. If you want the perfect classic shades, then head over to your Burberry counter ASAP to snag on of these shades! 

What are your thoughts, does the packaging of a product change your mind about your purchase? What is your favourite lipstick texture!? 

Thanks again guys for understanding my little vacay from Blogging, some backloged posts coming out soon! 

Until next time, 

amye89 xoxo 
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How can you get the best daily wear for the massive contouring trend? Are you having a hard time getting it to work for your fair skin? Read more about my technique to apply contour, and a couple of my favourite products to use! 

The Story

Do you ever find that your contour can look muddy, or that you have a giant line on your face? These are not sexy looks. Thanks to Kim K & her make-up artist, the act of "contouring" your face is super popular. I recently wrote a post talking about my technique on the FASHION Canada Magazine's Beauty Panel Page, which I will link to below so you can follow along with the actual process. 

LINK: http://www.fashionmagazine.com/beauty/2015/10/15/how-to-contour-beauty-panel-2/7/

I wanted to talk in this post about two of the key products in my contour routine. 

First we have our cream stage which I am using the Stila Shape and Shade Customer Contour Duo in Light. This can be found at your local Shoppers Drug Mart that carries Stila, or at Sephora and retails for $52 CND.

After applying my foundation and blending the edges in with the cream contour, I powder my face with a loose powder and move on to the powder contour stage. You can obviously select only one of these steps or both, depending on the effect that you want. 

For the powder, my favourite by far is the Smashbox Contour Kit in Light-Medium. Obviously the highlighters in both products isn't really a major highlight for me because I am so fair. I still love the texture of the highlighter, and I sometimes just go in with a shimmer. You can also find this at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations & Sephora locations. It retails for $50 CND

The Swatches

The Verdict

Stila Shape and Shade Customer Contour Duo in Light - The packaging is very nice for this product, I do enjoy the new direction that Stila has been moving towards the past couple of years. They still seem a little diss-jointed in certain areas as far as packaging and branding, but they are moving the right way! This product is a beautiful example of the newer products that they have to offer. The texture is soooo smooth! It blends beautifully into the skin, without giving an orange/muddy look. This is super important for us extra fair girls! Couple of drawbacks would be that the brush is sold separate and costs almost the same as the palette (it is seriously a stunning brush that can be used with so many cream products, so I can understand why it didn't come as a set). Second would be that I wish the contour was more of a grey undertone. Shadows are naturally grey, so it would have just made more sense in my opinion. Other than that, seriously one of the best cream products out there for contouring. Personally I don't believe in those giant palettes with 5 million contour shades, unless you are a makeup artist using it for work. It's better value to get the colours you are actually going to use in larger sizes, then a bunch of tiny sizes. 

Smashbox Contour Kit in Light to Medium - The packaging is lovely, I have a love/hate with how the mirror is taken up partially by a picto-gram. I get the importance, but once you start using it often, there is no point to having it IMO! I do think that a lot of thought went into this and it really shows. They where smart and put an actual contour shade in, then also have a bronze/warm shade and the highlight. Most people are confused with what to do about the bronze shade. Basically you wouldn't have a smokey eye with just black and white, you would have a middle shade in order to have a good blend and transition. That is basically what the bronzer colour is for, it is meant to go in between where you apply your contour and where you apply your highlight. This kit also comes with the brush, now it is a pretty decent brush all things considered. However I do prefer to apply with a fan brush, cause I am fancy like that. 

How do you apply your contour? Do you even bother, or do you think it's too many steps? I personally don't use it everyday, only full-face required days :P 

Until next time! 

amye89 xoxo
<![CDATA[New Launch: Bio-Beaute Flash Perfection Beautifying Serum]]>Fri, 09 Oct 2015 22:30:02 GMThttp://amysbeautydiary.weebly.com/all-posts/bio-beaute-flash-perfection-beautifying-serum
Bio-Beaute by NUXE prides itself on being an organic brand that uses fruits to help give you great skin. Click read more to see about my thoughts on their newest launch and so information about this delicious smelling brand! 

The Story

Cost: $37
Size: 40ml
Buy: Shoppers Drug Mart

Listed as the first Beautifying Serum with Anti-Oxidant Pear Seed Extract that acts on the three factors of photogenic skin: Structure, Texture and Luminosity. The serum uses of a combination of Encapsulated Pear Cellular Water, Anti-Oxidant Pear Seed Oil, Pearly Particles and a Botanical Hyaluronic Acid (it's a mouthful, I know). 

So that was a lot to take in, and if you have gotten this far you get a gold star! Let me break it down for you, the serum is meant to plump your skin so this helps with the volume and structure of your skin. Smoothing of the skin happens with the Hyaluronic Acid, this is a special molecule that has been a buzz word in skin for a few years, it basically means that it this will retain water in your skin so you won't have dehydrated skin. This will help with the texture. Moving to the Luminosity claim, they have put in pigments that will give a slight glow and (you guessed it) luminosity to the skin!

Now lets check this out and test some of the claims! 

The Swatches

The Verdict

So if you don't know Bio-Beaute products, something to keep in mind is that they smell freakin' amazing. This basically smells like they selected every single of the best pears and like shoved it in a bottle so that your skin can look pretty. It's the same with all of their products, the scents are super natural and not like a gross artificial sweet fruit scent. It is fine even for my super sensitive skin, so don't fear the scent since it is natural. 

Now since I don't really have an issue with volume in my skin, I can't really speak to if that happens. I do have an issue with my skin being dehydrated and I did find this to keep me hydrated and not sticky or greasy. I did enjoy the pigment, however since I usually put make-up on top it didn't help me out too much. I feel like this is a good product, but the people that would see the full benefits might be post-menopausal women, as this is when you start to really notice the density loss to your skin. Overall still a beautiful product, and the scent alone should make you want it all over you. 

So next time you are in your local Shoppers, be sure to check out what Bio-Beaute has to offer. They also have an amazing body lotion and the lip-balms are sooooo good. 

Have you ever tried Bio-Beaute? Does scent bother you in your products? 

Until next time, 

amye89 xoxo
<![CDATA[Dior Holiday: Lipstick Swatches (The Kiss of Velvet)]]>Fri, 09 Oct 2015 14:30:03 GMThttp://amysbeautydiary.weebly.com/all-posts/dior-holiday-lipstick-swatches-the-kiss-of-velvet
If the packaging alone isn't enough to sell you, be sure to click read more to see my swatches and review of the stunning matte lipsticks from Dior! 

The Story

These lipsticks are matte (going along with the major trend of darker matte lips for Fall/Winter 2015), but they also have three nourishing oils to ensure that your lips stay moisturized throughout the day. It is said to have a seamless finish with long-lasting staying power. 

They will be on counters October 15th across Canada and boast a $45 CND price tag. Let's see if they are worth the price and how they look on the lips in my swatches featured below! 

The Swatches

The Verdict

So at $45 I am expecting some pretty impressive lipstick, not going to lie to you. I would say that the scent to me is a little bit old fashion in a way...classic would be a good way to describe it. I don't hate the scent, it just kind of reminds me of being a kid and trying on my moms lipstick...if that makes any sense. Texture was really pretty amazing, it has enough hug to the lips so that they last long but still comfortable. Not like the traditional matte that you might think of. I am in love with 580, it's like my favourite kind of everyday colour (beautiful with a smokey eye).

​I also think that the red (750) has the perfect amount of pigment to it and doesn't leave the lips looking dry or caked. I think my biggest and only complaint...I don't think the package is weighted enough. When I get a luxury lipstick, the weight of it and the click from opening and closing it gives me such pleasure. I know it is a super silly thing to knock on, but I feel like a little bit of weight to the bottom would have really just given this lipstick that extra luxe feeling that it was missing. 

I would highly recommend checking these out, they really have shades to suit the majority of skin tones and a very wearable type of matte. Great for those that want to be on trend but still want their luxury! 

Do you think that the packaging of a product is almost as important as it's contents? What do you think of the new collection for Holiday for Dior? 

Until next time! 

​amye89 xoxo
<![CDATA[New Launch: Reversa Antioxidant Booster Serum]]>Mon, 05 Oct 2015 21:27:51 GMThttp://amysbeautydiary.weebly.com/all-posts/reversa-antioxidant-booster-serum
Booster serums are becoming a hot product on the market lately. What exactly are they and how can they benefit your skin? Read more about this amazing addition from Reversa! 

The Story

Cost: $47 CND
Where to buy: Reversa.ca & Canadian Pharmacies 

Some of you may already know, but a scary fact is that the environment around us hurts our skin on a daily basis. From air pollution, ultraviolet rays, and even stress can cause damage. The idea of the Antioxidant Booster Serum from Reversa is that it can be used under a face cream (day or night) and actually adds benefits to your daily sunscreen. It contains a special Green Tea Extract that neutralizing free-radical damage (free radicals are like evil pac-man's of your skin's cellular makeup). The Vitamin E helps to smooth the skin and can also help with redness. Top it off with some B-Glucane (bakers yeast ) to stimulate skins natural defence systems, and you have yourself a powerful night in shining green armour! The scent comes from Citrus, Green Tea and other essential oils. 

The Swatches

The Verdict

Now, I always love a good antioxidant...also green tea is yummy. Booster serums to some might be a bit scary, but I adore layering like 50 things on my face. This whole booster trend, means that the world is finally catching up to my obsessive needs. The packaging is super cute, the green lid helps it stand out from my other skin care products. The scent reminds me of walking into a really fancy Yoga studio or Spa and it washes that instant feeling of relaxation over me. It has a bit of a cooling/tingling feeling when you first apply to the skin (Hi, for the ladies in audience with hot flashes..I found your new bff). The texture is light and absorbs quickly to a matte finish on the skin. Overall it's a great addition to the Reversa line-up. Antioxidants for me have always been more of a day-time kind of product thought, so I know it suggests day and night but I would really say stick to day time and possibly go for more intensive glycolic from Reversa at night. 

Have you guys tried Antioxidant products before? Does the scent of a product affect your mood? 

Until next time! 

​amys89 xoxo
<![CDATA[Dior: State of Gold (Holiday 2015) First Look]]>Thu, 01 Oct 2015 14:00:02 GMThttp://amysbeautydiary.weebly.com/all-posts/dior-state-of-gold-holiday-2015-first-look
Catch a first glimpse inside of the beautiful new collection coming for Holiday from Dior. 

The Story

This collection was inspired by teaming gold with the iconic Dior Grey. It is said to be for the modern-day heroine and meant to show a soft, nuanced, secret luxury. 

The collection itself draws on some beautiful red/pink hues, mixed with the golf and grey. It creates a very cohesive set overall. I always drool over the adorable nail polish packaging from Dior for Holiday. It is a true showstopper and looks beautiful on any vanity. Swatches and full reviews will come shortly, but I wanted to get some of the product shots and basic information to you ASAP! This hits counters on October 15th, and I have a feeling it won't last long! The palettes are so versatile and really the collection can work for any skin-tone. The lipstick packaging is so over the top, but I love it for that. All of the pieces are well made, and you can feel the quality in your hands. Really looking forward to playing around and creating some fun looks!

Also you need to look at the State of Gold Nail Polish in person to fully appreciate its beauty. I think it's a must for everyones collection and would be one of my star picks from the collection (aka get it quick before it sells out!). 

Purchase Information (For Canada)

Available at Dior Counters Nationwide and at Thebay.com on October 15th 2015

Dior Addict Gloss (Sparkle, Cygne Noir): $34 CND
5 Couleurs LE Palettes (Eternal Gold, Blazing Gold): $70 CND
Diorific Nail Vernis (Gris-Or, Passion, Mystere, State of Gold): $33 CND
Diorific Matte Lipsticks (Radieuse, Fascinate, Fabuleuse, Fantastique): $36 CND

Product Shots

What is your favourite from this collection? Do you love LE packaging, or is it something you could do without? 

Until next time!

amye89 xoxo 
<![CDATA[Milan Fashion Week S/S '16: Giorgio Armani]]>Tue, 29 Sep 2015 16:52:46 GMThttp://amysbeautydiary.weebly.com/all-posts/milan-fashion-week-ss-16-giorgio-armani
I know it is only Fall now, but in the Fashion world it is back to Spring and Summer. Take a sneak peak into what is coming up in make-up trends for next year with Giorgio Armani. 

The Story

Something really interesting for runway (I am not sure if every brand does this, as I am just learning of this now) is that the brand creates products specifically for that event and look. In this case, the collection for S/S '16 will contains a palette (three eye-shadow colours and a blush), an Eye Tint, an Ecstasy Lacquer and a Nail Lacquer. All of these special items will be for sale at select counters starting February 2016. 

The main colour that is throughout the clothing collection is red, so to mimic this in the make-up look they use a red mascara. It is very subtle but still a beautiful touch. 

The Look

Skin: New Armani Prima Glow-on Moisturising Balm - on Counters May 2016
Face: Crema Nuda & High Precision Retouch
Cheeks: Armani Runway S/S '16 Blusher - on select Counters February 2016
Highlight: Luminous Silk Compact in Shade 2
Brows: Eye&Brow Maestro (matching hair colour) 
Eyes: Armani Runway S/S '16 Eye Shadows. Apply to lid, outer corner and lower lash line. Add Armani Runway S/S '16 Eye Tint on top 
Lashes: One coat of Black Ecstasy Mascara on top lashes, then apply Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara in Shade 4 Rouge Iron (On Counters May 2016) 
Lips: Armani Prima Eye & Lip Contour Perfector then apply Armani S/S '16 Ecstasy Lacquer
Nails: Armani S/S '16 Nail Lacquer (Vibrant Geranium Red Shade) 

The Verdict

I know you can't get a lot of these products right now, but I think it is fun as a make-up artist and junkie to see what is coming up for the next seasons. It also gives you something to keep an eye out for, like I am eyeing that mascara and I love the eye shadow colours. 

What do you think of the Giorgio Armani S/S '16 make-up look? Do you have any favourites from Milan Fashion Week? 
<![CDATA[Dior: Diorskin Star Foundation & Concealer]]>Fri, 25 Sep 2015 13:00:01 GMThttp://amysbeautydiary.weebly.com/all-posts/dior-diorskin-star-foundation-concealer
Amazing results in just a few pumps, also has an SPF of 30 but feels weightless on the skin. Click read more to find out about this power duo from Dior! 

The Story

*Ramble Alert*
First of all, I just wanted to go back on my lovely childhood a bit. My first ever foundation was CoverGirl, needless to say...the light enough shade wasn't light enough. So I started high school with a terrible orange mask on my face. A girl (who has now become my long-time best friend) was kind enough to point this out. I also had severe eczema on my face, so my dermatologist recommended I go to the department store to purchase my makeup. So off my mom and I went to the pretty counters at The Bay; of course we tried Clinique first, but no match was found. Lancome, Estee, Arden, but no luck. Then I saw this shiny counter in the back glowing, and angels came down playing harps. I ran over to find a beautiful Dior foundation that matched my skin perfectly. Okay...so maybe I am exaggerating a little, but basically my first high end foundation was Dior, it was also my first ever high end mascara (but we will talk about those at a later date ;) ). 

Moral of the story is, 1. I was a spoiled child and I love my mother 2. I have always had a thing for Dior Foundations. Since those days other brands have branched out and carried lighter shades, but I always find myself drawn to the Dark Blue and Silver. 

This foundation in particular is meant to reflect light, and give a brightening affect to the skin. It is from the idea of how the skin looks under studio lighting, and to give you that look at all times. It is also long-wearing and light-weight. 

The Swatches

The Verdict

I do find the foundation and concealers claims to be very brightening. The foundations coverage is the beautiful balance between medium and full aka redness gone but freckles still peak through. The concealer is especially beautiful under the eyes, I tend to get very discoloured under my eyes and it helped to counteract that. I also find the wear time is quite good. I wouldn't say it is fully weight-less, for someone like myself that is used to a foundation everyday it is very light-weight. For someone that is possibly not used to wearing a foundation everyday, I would suggest possibly the Nude-Air from the Dior range. Overall, Star is a beautiful range and has re-kindled my love for Dior Foundations/Cosmetics. 

What was your first experience in a department store like? Do you find a big difference between luxury and drugstore foundations? 

Thanks for reading, sorry I went on a bit of a ramble but sometimes you start typing and you just can't stop! 

Until next time, 
amye89 xx
<![CDATA[Sensitive Skin: Face Creams]]>Wed, 23 Sep 2015 13:00:02 GMThttp://amysbeautydiary.weebly.com/all-posts/sensitive-skin-face-creams
We all get sensitive skin sometimes, seasons change is a time where allergies can flare up and you skin might need a bit of extra care. Read more about some of my top picks for sensitive skin! 

The Story

Personally, I have struggled with allergies and difficult skin for years. It is especially tough being a blogger and wanting to try everything new, but your skin sometimes won't let you. I feel like everyone needs at least one of these products in their regime as a detox or just for those days when your skin needs a break. Scroll through my top picks to see more about each one. 

The Swatches

The Verdict 

Based on the type of texture you are looking for, at least one of the products listed should hopefully work for you. My all time favourite of the four is the La Roche Posay Toleraine Ultra for daily use and the Avene Moisture Mask for weekly use.

Do you guys ever have to back off your regular products or get reactions to products that require you to switch to sensitive skin care? 

Until next time, 

amye89 xoxo
<![CDATA[Current Favs: Brush Edition]]>Sat, 19 Sep 2015 14:00:02 GMThttp://amysbeautydiary.weebly.com/all-posts/current-favs-brush-edition
Some of these have been in my collection for years and others are new, all are essential in my daily "full face" routine! Check out what brushes I always have to have on hand! 

The List


Each of these brushes serves a main purpose. I have a large collection of brushes, but these are the ones that I reach for most and that I think would be a perfect starter kit for anyone looking to have all the tools they need to do a full face of make-up. 

From top to bottom:

MAC 182 - This is the essential kabuki, many brands make one, this is one of my favourites however. I love that I can buff in my contour and apply a good layer of powder foundation with it. An alternative is the Powder Brush from CoverFX

Stila 24a - Now this brush came as part of the holiday collection, usually the Stila brushes are dual ended and this one is not. Personally, for storage purposes I don't love dual ended. They do make a lot of sense for those conserving on space though. They do sell this brush still I believe in their full range. Perfect for blush application, super soft but still can apply product evenly. 

Urban Decay Optical Blurring - This brush is super neat, I know that Sephora and Lise Watier recently released versions of this as well. It is perfect for a very liquid foundation, it buffs it into the skin beautifully. Also fun fact, it is made out of all recycled materials! 

MAC 227 - I learned about this brush when I first started watching YouTube videos, and I swooned after it for years before picking it up. It is like the perfect product to apply your highlight under the browbone whilst also blending and softening any of the harsh edges of your shadow. Love, Love, Love. 

*Sigma P82 - This is a recent addition to the collection, I have many Sigma brushed. I bought them when they first launched and I wasn't overly impressed with the quality and how they where basically a cheaper knock off of the MAC brushes. I know they have re-vamped and added a whole line of synthetic brushes which really interested me. I was contacted by ObsessedCanada.com, who carry tons of cosmetic items shipped in Canada. I requested to try this brush, and it is honestly amazing. I have to re-think my view on Sigma brushes if this is the quality level that they have gone up to! Since it is synthetic, I love to use it as like a mini optical blurring brush for applying concealer under my eyes. It applies it seamlessly, and I have tried it for shadow and was really impressed with how well it blended the colours. 

CoverFX Concealer - Now as I mentioned above, I like to use the Sigma P82 to help blend concealer under my eyes. I love the CoverFX brush for applying my Lise Watier corrector palette on areas of my face. It is stiff enough to apply the colour, and the bristles are very high quality. Really all of the brushes from the CoverFX line are super impressive. I will be adding more to my collection soon hopefully! 

MAC 217 - Another staple among make-up artists and junkies alike. The perfect blending brush, I haven't found one that compares yet. Great for applying and blending out the colours in the crease of your eye. 

MAC 239 - I know I am talking about a lot of the classics, but they are classics for a reason! Great brush for application of colour, I know there are many other brushes out there similar. I just always go back to this, because I love that it is a flat paddle like brush. A lot of shadow application brushes tend to be to soft and fluffy. 

MAC 208 - I used to think that getting a pricer angle brush was silly, until I finally caved and got this. It is perfect for my cream eyebrow product, and small enough to create beautiful detail for my brows. I have used it for liner as well, but I prefer a thin brush for gel liner application. 

Where to Purchase

MAC brushes can be purchased at MAC Counters and maccosmetics.ca
CoverFX can be purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart Locations, Select Sephora's and coverfx.ca
Urban Decay can be purchased at Select Shoppers Drug Mart Locations, Sephora's and they are currently finishing a Canadian website that will launch soon!
Stila Cosmetics can be purchased at Select Shoppers Drug Mart Locations, Sephora's and stilacosmetics.com
Sigma Brushes can be purchased online at ObsessedCanada.com 

Brushes are an investment that you need to think about, and select wisely (or buy everything you see, like yours truly..it's a problem). The most expensive on my list would be from MAC and Stila, Urban Decay and CoverFX are similar in price and last is Sigma. Look at all of your options before deciding to buy, and if you have any question please write me a message or contact me via social media. I am always happy to help! 

Happy Shopping!

Amye89 xx